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Why Choose White Label Storage

May 30, 2024

Choosing the right management partner for your self-storage facility is a critical decision that can significantly impact your business's success. At White Label Storage, we offer a unique blend of expertise, innovative tools, and dedicated service that sets us apart from the competition. Here's why partnering with us is the best choice for your self-storage business.

Unmatched Revenue from Tenant Protection

One of our standout features is our unique approach to tenant protection revenue. Unlike other management companies that take a portion of the owner's share, we offer a generous 70/30 split in your favor. You receive 70% of the tenant protection revenue and the other 30% goes to the protection provider; we do not take any cut. This is made possible by our extensive network and commitment to maximizing your earnings.

Dedicated Teams for Each Facility

Customer service is at the heart of what we do. Unlike generic call centers, where you might speak to different agents in a vast pool, we assign dedicated teams to each facility. This means your customers will always interact with the same group of knowledgeable agents who are intimately familiar with your facility and its operations. This consistency enhances customer satisfaction and ensures a seamless experience.

Additionally, each facility benefits from a dedicated site manager who oversees all operations, ensuring smooth and efficient functioning. Alongside them is a marketing expert focused on driving business to your facility through targeted strategies and promotions. Together, these dedicated professionals ensure both operational excellence and effective promotional efforts.

Experienced Ownership and Management

Our founders aren't just managers—they're owners, too. They own over 50 facilities and manage their properties with the same care and attention to detail we bring to our clients' properties. This hands-on experience means we understand your challenges and are well-equipped to address them with practical, effective solutions.

Comprehensive Marketing and SEO

Effective marketing is crucial for attracting and retaining tenants. Our expert marketing team includes top-notch SEO specialists who ensure your facility ranks higher in local search results. Our entire management package provides website development and optimization, giving you a professionally designed site that performs better in search rankings than our competitors. This comprehensive approach ensures your facility gets the visibility it deserves, driving more traffic and bookings.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

At our core, we're committed to offering competitive rates that ensure you get the best value for your investment. With low sign-up fees and flexible month-to-month contracts, we remove the hassle of long-term commitments, allowing you to benefit from our premium services without any unexpected costs or complications. Through significant investments in technology and process enhancements, we've streamlined our operations to deliver a high-quality product at a fair and transparent price point. When compared to other management options, you'll discover that our fee structure offers the most advantageous terms for our valued owner partners.


Choosing White Label Storage means partnering with a company dedicated to your success. From our unique tenant protection revenue model and dedicated teams to our comprehensive marketing services and competitive pricing structure, we provide everything you need to take your self-storage business to new heights. Trust us to manage your facility with the same care and expertise we bring to our properties. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.

By choosing White Label Storage, you're not just hiring a management company; you're gaining a strategic partner dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your self-storage business.

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