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Do you offer discounts for new builds during lease-up phase?

Yes, we offer special discounts for new builds during their lease-up phase. We recognize the unique challenges and opportunities that come with leasing up a new property, and we're committed to supporting your business through this critical period. For more details on our discount offers and how we can assist you during the lease-up phase, please reach out to us. We're here to help make your new build a success from day one.

Do you offer bulk pricing for multiple locations?

To learn more about our bulk pricing options and how we can tailor them to fit your specific requirements, please contact our team.

Can you assist us with new storage developments?

Absolutely! For new storage development projects, we provide comprehensive support from the ground up. Our services include pre-launch consultation, which encompasses facility naming, domain procurement, logo and signage design, and establishing a webpage to initiate your SEO efforts. We also offer guidance on determining optimal rates and unit mixes. Leveraging our extensive network of vendor contacts, we aim to secure preferential rates for you, ensuring your project starts on a strong foot.

How long does onboarding take?

Onboarding duration can vary, typically ranging between 2-3 weeks. The exact time frame depends on several factors including the current status and setup of your facility. Our team works closely with each client to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Factors such as your existing infrastructure, specific needs, and the speed at which required information and access can be provided all play crucial roles in determining the overall timeline. Rest assured, our goal is to get you up and running as quickly and seamlessly as possible, without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of the setup.

Can I sign up for individual services instead of the full solution?

Absolutely! We understand that every business has unique needs, and our services are designed to be flexible. You can choose any individual service that best fits your requirements.

Do I have to sign a long term agreement?

No, there are no long-term agreements required. Our services are available on a month-to-month basis for maximum flexibility. Plus, if you decide to cancel within the first 4 months, you're eligible for a full refund. This approach ensures a risk-free experience, allowing you to adjust your services as your business needs evolve.

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